The Hidden Treasure Mysteries

by Eleanor Rosellini

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The Hidden Treasure Mysteries, ideal for reading aloud, are suspenseful tales that encourage children's interest in history, family history, and genealogy. Independent reading for ages 9-12. Read aloud to ages 7-12.

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Kids! Find the hidden page and get a sneak preview of the fifth Hidden Treasure Mystery! To get there, you will have to find the "mystery" link, which is somewhere on this website. Need a clue? Scroll all the way to the bottom of this page.

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      A Mystery in Maine
      Eleanor Rosellini
      October, 2008

Stone Harbor, Maine, is a town with secrets – just the place for a pair of junior detectives to spend their summer vacation. Teaming up with two elderly local ladies, Elizabeth Pollack and her kid brother Jonathan investigate a long-forgotten mystery – the theft of a valuable Chinese scroll from the town hall in 1890. Newly discovered evidence leads them to an empty inn, an old graveyard, and finally, to a lighthouse island that reveals the last puzzling clue. But someone, it seems, is trying to scare them off the case. Who else is looking for the town's lost treasure?

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      A brother-and-sister detective team discover a 120-year-old mystery in a note hidden for generations behind an old family portrait. Following clues left behind by their great-great grandmother, Elizabeth and Jonathan Pollack discover a long-lost family treasure. Book includes activities for becoming a family memory keeper. Paperback 112 pages

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      Elizabeth and Jonathan team up to solve their second mystery. Five ancient gold coins, passed down in a German-American family for generations, disappeared without a trace 40 years ago. With only one puzzling clue, and an old diary written in German, the young detectives travel to Milwaukee to search for the family treasure. But who is the man in the blue parka? And why is he watching them? Hardback 115 pages

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      The Mystery on Observatory Hill
      Eleanor Rosellini
      July, 2005
On a summer trip to Germany, Jonathan and Elizabeth face their biggest case yet. The family stays at a guesthouse on Observatory Hill, a scientific park with twelve observatories -- and one unsolved mystery! Years ago, the eccentric Professor Vollrath had hidden his notebooks, filled with valuable observations about astronomy. When asked where he kept them, he would simply draw three dots in the shape of a triangle. After he died in 1919, the scientific notebooks were never found. Elizabeth and Jonathan take up the case, with help from their new German friend Peter. As the three sleuths hunt for the long-missing notes, they stumble onto a deeper mystery. Who is sneaking around at night at Professor Vollrath’s abandoned observatory? And why does the trail of clues lead to the town’s 700-year-old castle? The answers to these questions lead them to the adventure of their lives!

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The Hidden Treasure Mysteries are meant to inspire readers to seek the special memories and objects of their own families. If you have a story to share about discovering a family treasure, please e-mail the author and your story will be posted (using your first name only).

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Clue No. 1: "Keep your mind open to mystery and look for the light!"

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